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Technical Web Architecture | React & Next.js Specialist | Building Modern Web Applications | Crafting High-Performance Websites

As an ambitious problem solver with a profound passion for online businesses, I bring a wealth of experience to the table in creating logical and innovative solutions to even the most complex challenges. With an unwavering commitment to precision and thoroughness, I am deeply invested in the world of technology, mobile applications, and user experience.

As a self-driven individual who takes personal development seriously, I am continually evaluating and upgrading my skills to stay ahead of the curve in web development. My proven track record of successfully completing projects for esteemed IT consultancies, software houses, web design agencies, and IT departments speaks to my natural problem-solving ability and unwavering dedication to excellence.

If you're looking for a skilled professional who can deliver innovative solutions that drive success for your online business, then look no further than my comprehensive expertise and proven track record.


  1. Frontend Technical LeadLatest

    Postpace unifies all video production solutions into one intuitive platform, making every step of the process easier to connect.

  2. Technical Team Lead


    • Collaborate with the team to deliver reliable and high-quality products and increase the development team's performance by 50%.
    • Provide technical leadership and guidance in both frontend and backend development.
    • Developed, tested, and deployed multiple web applications using React, Next.js, Zustand, Nest.js, Postgres, MongoDB, Heroku, SWR, NX Mono Repo, Stripe, Vonage, Tailwind, Cypress, Supabase and Grafana, resulting in a 5x increase in server performance.

  3. Senior Frontend Engineer


    • Participated in a large-scale e-commerce project in Qatar (, successfully restructuring the entire project and improving its efficiency.
    • Optimized website performance, resulting in a 20% increase in page load speed and a 40% reduction in page render time.
    • Rebuilt, refactored, and optimized features across the existing codebase using modern technologies including Nextjs, ReactJs, Redux-Saga, Jest, and Firebase.
    • Deployed automated tests using React Testing Library, and implemented automated continuous integration and deployment processes with Docker and NX Monorepo.

  4. Lead Full Stack Engineer

    Meshkat IT

    • Developed a multi-tenant website for home renting as a full-stack developer with a team of 12 devs.
    • Increase the desktop application performance by 40% by rewriting the Electron application.

  5. Senior Frontend Developer

    Asre Fara Ertebat

    • Creating an email template design using pure javascript and making a dashboard for it. usable for more than 3000 users.
    • Implemented Email template design utilizing Vanilla JavaScript, reduced latency by 20%, and increased customer satisfaction by 25%. Developed a comprehensive dashboard for more than 3000 users, improving customer navigation by 25%.
    • Constructed responsive design for emails and dashboards, to ensure compatibility with multiple browsers.

  6. Lead Full Stack Engineer

    Faratech Data Processing

    • Skills: ASP.NET (WF - MVC) · WebAPI · C# · SQL Server · AngularJS · Xamarin · React-Native · Typescript · Reactjs
    • Developed modules used on over +900 websites, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced bugs.

  7. Software Developer

    Hosna Soft

    • Developed a comprehensive solution composed of a Windows application, ASP. NET Web Form, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript\jQuery, resulting in 75% reduction in build time and a 91% speed improvement.
    • Delivered a web-based solution including a hyper-responsive UI with AJAX functionality, allowing users to navigate shifting data sets quickly and easily, improving user experience.
    • Utilized object-oriented programming techniques to optimize code reusability, resulting in a 40% decrease in development time.

  8. Freelance Web Programmer / Web Developer


    • Skills: Visual Basic 6 - Microsoft Access - SQL Server.
    • Developed and maintained a high-functioning desktop application for an established client, resulting in a reduction of development costs by 40% and a significant increase in user engagement by 41%.
    • Creating a highly complex employee management system from scratch.